Participation in the 2024 Washington State Elementary Chess Championship requires qualification. Players who score 3.0 or more in any 5-round qualifying tournament are eligible to compete in their respective Grade Level Championship.

Many qualifying events are held throughout the state! For any questions, please see information below and/or contact the organizers.

For those who don’t qualify but still want to participate, there’s a section for everyone in grades K-12. The ‘I Love Chess Too’ sections require no qualifications, are open to anyone, and are played in parallel with the grade level championship event. ‘I Love Chess Too’ sections will still have 5 rounds, start at the same time, and have similar trophies to those playing in the Grade Level Championships. Note: The ‘I Love Chess Too’ event will be held at a separate venue (Kamiakin High School) a couple miles from the main championship.

List of Qualified Players –


Currently $90

Registration cutoff is on May 2, 2024, 11:59pm. After the cutoff you may register on the waitlist (you will not be charged at this time).


For registration questions, please email Ben Radin ( For all other questions please email Danielle Craigen (

*Note from the Organizer/Registrar —You can register at any time regardless of qualification status. All players who qualify before the event will be moved into the championship sections, everyone else will be able to play in one of the I Love Chess Too Sections.