2020 WSECC Live Stream and Tech Support!

We will be hosting a LIVE STREAM for the 2020 WSECC at NW Scholastic Chess Facebook Page.

The stream will be hosted by local Organizer Randy Kaech, and will feature guest appearances by Coaches, Local International Masters, and even a former World Champion! Additionally, we will be announcing when rounds are winding down so players know to hurry back for the start of the next round. List of Guest Speakers and Times at the bottom

We will also be hosting a Digital “help desk”, information below:
Hours: May 2, 2020 7:00am-4:00pm
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 827 8257 0149
Password: 488232

Elementary players K-8 in the tournament are invited to send in questions in advance to ask the State, National and World Chess Champions that will be guests on the stream.  Email your “Ask the Champions” questions in advance to chessentry@frontier.com, and include your first name only, school and grade.

The stream will also create a “Virtual Playing Hall”.  All players K-8  in the tournament are invited to send in a selfie of themselves “at the chessboard” (in front of their computer) for the State Virtual Playing Hall photo gallery.  Photos may be used on the stream.  Personal information will not be shown, and is not required.  Just one selfie per player.  Send these to tannerf@bellinghamyouthchess.com, preferably before Saturday.


  • When in doubt, Refresh your browser (Ctrl + R or F5 for Windows, Cmd + R for Macs).
  • Time ticking down but can’t move? Refresh your browser.
  • You made you move, but time doesn’t stop? Refresh your browser.
  • Get Disconnected? Try to reconnect as quickly as possible and Refresh your browser. Disconnect players will have a limited amount of time to reconnect.

Guest Speakers for the WSECC Live Stream (Subject to change)
8:35 FM Mike Klein
9:00 Advaith Vijayakumar
9:25 WIM Dr. Alexey Root
10:15 TD Jacob Mayer
10:40 Ben Mukumbya
11:05 GM Susan Polgar
11:55 WFM Alexandra Botez
12:20 NM Krishna Kelley
12:45 AG Bob Ferguson
1:35 Detective Cookie
2:00 NM Elliott Neff
2:25 IM John Donaldson
3:15 IM Bryce Tiglon
4:05 Velea Sisters