Issue Reporting Form

Dear Chess Families,

**Note** As of 5/11 we are currently processing over 400 submitted Issue Reports and hope to have them completed in the next few weeks. Issue Report Form submissions must be submitted before Wednesday, 5/13, at 5pm. To see the list of all Submitted Reports please use the following link: WSECC Issue Reports

Congratulations to all the families that participated in the first ever online WSECC Tournament.  We are aware that there were some users who were unable to join and others who experienced technical issues that affected the results of one or more matches.  We are committed to addressing and correcting as many of these issues as possible.  In order to best accomplish this, we have set up an official Issue Reporting Form here:

The Tournament Directors will review all submissions over the coming weeks and make any necessary adjustments and adjudications to the final results.  Please note that due to the large number of inquiries we are receiving, we will not be able to address any technical issues submitted via email.  This form will be the only place to report those issues.

You can view the unofficial standings here:

We will post the official final standings at the conclusion of our review.

We will also reach out to everyone regarding the distribution of trophies and medals.  The plan is to distribute them to various regional coordinators who will then arrange times for people to come and pick them up.  We will not begin distribution of awards until after the stay-at-home order is lifted, and we can arrange to do so in a safe manner.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience during these challenging times and thank you for participating in one of the largest single-day online chess tournaments in history (if anyone has contacts at The Guiness Book of World Records, please let us know)!  


WSECC Organizers