Tournament Information Archive

The 2020 Event has concluded, below is the information for the 2020 WSECC Event Online


  • 7-round event to be held on on May 2nd.
  • The Time Control for all games will be G/30;+0. Each player will have 30 minutes with no delay or increment, with clocks showing available time on their respective board.
  • Each grade (K-6) will operate as its own event. Each grade will operate under their own time schedule, unaffected by other grade-level events.
  • All players who finish with a plus score (4.0 or higher out of 7 rounds) will receive a trophy (to be delivered/pickup coordinated after it is safe to do so, following COVID-19 situation). All players who do not win trophies will receive State medals.
  • Team awards will be calculated following completion of the event and delivered/pickup coordinated in collaboration with Individual awards. 
  • Registration will be open on until 4/28 at 5pm.


  • Players recommended to login to ChessKid 10-15 minutes prior to Round 1 (9am on May 2nd).
    • Players who are not online within a set time may not be able to participate.
  • First round to begin at 9am on May 2nd.
  • Subsequent rounds to begin immediately following end of last game
    • I.e: Kindergarten Round 2 will begin immediately following completion of all Kindergarten Round 1 games. Each grade will run on their own time schedule.
    • Games will be abandoned if a player does not make 1st move (only 1st move) within a set time (likely 30 seconds). Players who abandon their game will be removed from the event. 
      • It is recommended that players use “observation mode” to see how many games are remaining so that they will be ready for the following round to begin.
    • Games will not be “abandoned” following move 1, no need to worry about using your time to think through your moves!
  • Each round will take 60 minutes maximum. 
  • Last Round to begin no later than 3pm.
  • Final Standings will be unofficial for a few days while WSECC and ChessKid Fair Play teams review games and final standings.
  • Notification will be sent to all players following completion of Fair Play review for the event.


  • Each Grade K-6 will operate as its own tournament, no cross-section games will occur (1st Graders will only play 1st Graders, 2nd Graders will only play 2nd Graders, etc.)
  • Pairings and Standings will be available on ChessKid or throughout the event (details still TBA).
  • Team Standings will not be available throughout the tournament and may only become available after the tournament is complete.
  • Online State will be paired with regular Swiss-pairings beginning in Round 1, auto-generated by
  • Team Protect will not be in-use for the event. This means you may have to play against someone from your school. We apologize for any inconvenience this may lead to. 

Technical and ChessKid Specifics for the Event

  • All players will have one-time use ChessKid accounts created for the event.
    • Please do not use the accounts for rated games before the State event! Doing so may change player ratings and inadvertently effect pairings for State Tournament
  • It is recommended that players play on a desktop or laptop if possible. Tablets may be used, but may have a less reliable connection.
    • If you are concerned about hardware accessibility please reach out to organizers at and
    • No applications or software configurations will be needed to participate. The ChessKid server can be accessed through the internet (recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). 
  • Players disconnected during the event will have a limited amount of time to reconnect.  If they are not able to reconnect in time then they will be unable to continue. 
    • We will offer full or partial refunds to players who disconnect based on what round it occurs in.
    • Technical recommendations to help avoid disconnection include:
      • Clear computer’s cache prior to the event
      • Hardline in to your internet connection using ethernet cable
      • Remove all other running programs, pages, tabs other than the internet browser connecting the player to ChessKid for the event.

State Awards!

  • We are working with NWTrophy to provide awards for State Online 2020. However we understand that your safety is our top priority and awards will be delayed as a result.
  • Point trophies will be awarded to all players who score 4.0 or higher out of 7 rounds.
  • Players who do not earn trophies will earn event-specific medals featuring the 2020 Online State design.
  • Team Awards will be awarded to top teams and coordinated in collaboration with individual awards.
    • Team scores will be calculated based on top 5 player scores across grades K-3 and 4-6 (2 sections for team awards). 

Resources Available for the Event

  • Weekly emails will be sent to all players with recommended tips/videos starting the week of 4/17
    • All recommended review material, suggestions, and videos will be saved at
  • Event-specific ChessKid help videos will be available on as they are created.
  • A virtual “help desk” will be available on the day of the event to handle any technical difficulties. Details to be finalized and published on