State FAQ’s

Q: Will the results of this tournament be rated?
A: Yes. The Event will be NWSRS-rated.

Q: Why are there seven rounds instead of five rounds?
A:Why not?? More chess = more fun!
More rounds will result in fewer co-champions in every section, and provide students 2 more rounds to show their hard work and preparation.

Q: Are players just sitting in front of the computer until the next round starts if they are done? It says the next round is to begin immediately following the last game of the previous round.
A: Approximate round times to start every 60 minutes (cannot go longer). Additionally we are working on getting a stream to announce some of these things (TBA). We are also working to set up instructions to see remaining games to determine when the last game ends.

Q: Does the computer need to have a camera?
A: No. No computer monitoring will be required for the event.

Q: Is there a type of security that prevents players from receiving outside help in Violation of the Fair Play Agreement (bots, family members, etc.)?
A: ChessKid has an extensive anti-cheating detection setup within the servers. Additionally, we are planning to set up a WSECC team that will be observing games for Fair-Play violations to submit to ChessKid for further Review. Players who are caught may face severe consequences.

Q: What type of devices can participate in this tournament? iPhone? iPad? Tablets? Samsung? Android?
A: It is recommended that players play on a laptop if possible. However, we understand that this may not be feasible for every player. Tablets and phones may be used, but may have a less reliable connection. If you are concerned about hardware accessibility please reach out to organizers at and
Additionally, there will be a test event for everyone (no additional charge) that will be held a week earlier. People can test out their tablets at that event and see how well they work.

Q: What will happen when a participant gets kicked off in the middle of the game? Is it an automatic loss? How would my child get logged back in?
A: Players disconnected during the event will have a limited amount of time to reconnect. If they are not able to reconnect in time then they will be unable to continue. We will offer full or partial refunds to players who disconnect based on what round it occurs in.

Q: Is there a certain software/configuration that computers/laptops/phones need to have?
A: No.

Q: Will I need to download an app or something?
A: No. The ChessKid server can be accessed through the internet.

Q: What if my child already has a account?
A: All players will be given new one-time use accounts. Previous accounts will not be available for use.

Q: How will I know the results of my students individually and as a team since I am a coach?
A: The games should be able to be seen on and we are working to see how we may be able to post standings. Though final standings may take a little time to get it into swiss sys and uploaded. We are committed to posting this information as quickly as possible.

Q: Will the students be using an online chess clock in every round?
A: Yes. The time control of Game in 30 (no delay or increment) will be displayed next to the board during the game.

Q: Will there be trophies for the event, and how will they be distributed?
A: Yes there will be trophies! Any players that score 4 or more points (out of 7 rounds) will receive a trophy! All other players will still receive a participation medal. Team awards will also be calculated as normal.
We are still working on the distribution. We are working to set up pick up locations for each major region and then someone will drop off the trophies there.

Q: Will I still be able to purchase my State T-shirt and other chess equipment?
A: Yes! We are working with NWDesign to set up an online store that shows off the neat logo designed for our Online Event! The link for the store will be displayed in the WSECC Store section. Additional embroidered materials and chess equipment will also be available for purchase! Please check out our wonderful vendors!