I Love Chess Too

Washington State Elementary Chess Championships will host an additional, non-qualification section called the I Love Chess Too section. This section allows for any player to participate in the events of the day. The I Love Chess Too sections feature the same 5-game schedule as the Grade Level Championship and awards for all participants!

At this time there are 3 sections open in the I Love Chess Too event: K-6, 9-12, and Adult U1500
The K-6 section will include all players from Grades K-6.
The 9-12 section is open to any player from grades 9-12.
The Adult U1500 is open to any player from grades K-12 and adults. The only requirement is that the player is rated under 1500 (please note that in the Adult U1500 section adults and kids may play against each other).

More information about the I Love Chess Too section and registration can be found here:

If a player signs up for the I Love Chess Too section and later qualifies for the grade level championship please send an email to ben@chessreg.com and we will transfer the registration at no cost. The list of qualified players can be found here: