Online Tips and Welcome Videos

For Basic Information help, including How-To enter a Tournament, please use our
WSECC Help Guide

A Big Thank you to our team at ChessKid for helping provide us with custom videos and tips for the WSECC!

Welcome Video to the WSECC (Online) 2020: Welcome from ChessKid
How to use ChessKid – highly recommended to review prior to participating: How to Play Online
Fair Play Guidelines: ChessKid Fair Play for WSECC 2020
Step-by-step instructions on entering a ChessKid Tournament: Tournament Entry Help

Tech Tips for Online

  • PROTIP #1: Have your ChessKid equipment ready. 
    • Play on a desktop PC with Chrome browser if possible!
    • If you can, clear your browser cache beforehand
    • Tablet with browser: Use only if you don’t have access to a PC.  *Make sure you know how to scroll up/down between your game clock and your board.
    • NOTE: The ChessKid app WILL NOT WORK.  Make sure you’re using a browser to play!
  • PROTIP #2: Log in early.  Eat a light breakfast and clear your mind.  Then make sure you can log into your ChessKid account about 20 minutes before the 1st round game is scheduled to begin.
  • PROTIP #3: Register on time.  Remember that tournament registration officially opens up 15 minutes prior to the start of the 1st round.  As soon as the big orange button allows you to register, do it!
    • Full Instructions with pictures linked at the bottom
  • PROTIP #4: Be ready to play.  Make sure you’re keeping track of the tournament start time. As soon as your first round game starts, be ready to play your first move right away!
    • NOTE: if you don’t make your first move within the first 30 seconds of the game starting, you will forfeit your game!
  • PROTIP #5: Be ready for the next round.  If you finish your game early, you might be tempted to leave ‘Play vs. Kid,’ but don’t make this mistake.  Go to observation mode (binoculars icon) and watch any remaining games so that you’ll have a good idea of when the next round is about to start.
    • On another screen (phone, tablet, computer) check out the Live Stream of the event! We plan to make announcements when any section is winding down

Time ticking down but can’t move? 
Refresh your browser.  Ctrl + R for Windows, Cmd + R for Macs

You made you move, but time doesn’t stop?
Refresh your browser.  Ctrl + R for Windows, Cmd + R for Macs

Round started, but no game?  Do you have a Bye?
Yes… You can observe other games until the next round!
No..    Refresh your browser.  Ctrl + R for Windows, Cmd + R for Macs

Link to Tournament Preparedness Checklist: