Chess Rules for States

For those unfamiliar with the rules of chess we will be using, please read the following:

  1. Touch Move! If you touch a piece during your turn you must move it if you can do so legally. If you touch an opponent’s piece you must take it if you can do so legally.
  2. Touching a piece by accident (like knocking it over with an elbow) does not count as a touch. Remember to say “I adjust” before picking up the fallen piece
  3. If you are using a clock (Which sections may use a clock is still undetermined) the following rules apply:
    You must hit the clock and move the piece with the same hand
    If you need to use the bathroom you cannot pause the clock
  4. If you have a question or dispute, please raise your hand immediately and a judge will come over to help you at your table. If you wait until a few moves later a judge may not be able to make a ruling.
    If you do not understand a judge’s ruling, please ask them to explain it to you.
  5. Of course, using a chess computer, cell phone, receiving advice from a coach or teammate, or discussing another player’s ongoing game in any capacity is strictly prohibited and may result in forfeit of game and/or expulsion from the event.