2020 WSECC Final Standings have been released

Dear Chess Families,

We have completed our extensive review of the issue reports that were submitted for the event.  Official final standings are now posted on wsecc.org.  The types of issues and actions taken are as follows:

Incorrect piece moves: This issue covers a wide variety of problems such as mouse slips, miss drops, and any other move glitches.  These issues, while unfortunate, are a part of online chess and were not reviewed further by our team.

Unpaired Rounds: Players who missed rounds due to technical difficulties were awarded ½ point per round, with a maximum of 2 points total awarded in this manner.

Unintentional Disconnects, Resignations and Draws:  Our team found 433 matches that warranted additional review.  Each match was scored by 4 different reviewers based on 5 criteria.  Any ties were broken by the Chief Pairings Director.  The scoring criteria were:

0 — Game under 10 moves total: Disconnecting player gets Half Point Bye, opponent gets Full Point Bye, match is unrated.

1 — Disconnecting player was in a clearly losing position: No change, match is rated.

2 — Game was still undecided: Half Point Bye for the disconnecting player, Full Point Bye for opponent, match is unrated.

3 — Disconnecting player was ahead but the reviewer was not sure it was going to be a win for them: Half Point Bye for both players, match is unrated.

4 — Disconnecting player was ahead and the reviewer thinks it would have been a win for them: Full Point Bye for disconnecting player, Half Point Bye for opponent, match is unrated.

A complete list of the reviewed matches and decisions can be viewed in Appendix A.

Fair Play: All top scoring players along with anyone else suspected of using outside assistance in their matches were reviewed by the chess.com / chesskid.com fair play team, engine analysis, and by our match review team.  8 players were found by all 3 methods to have violated the Fair Play Agreement and were forfeited from the event.  Their opponents were awarded full point byes for their matches against these players.  One additional player was removed from the event due to a different fair play violation.  The violation did not affect any of their matches, so all results against that player stayed the same, but will be counted as unplayed matches.

Awards: It is our hope to begin award distribution once all counties in the state have moved into at least phase 2 of the reopening guidelines.  We are still looking for volunteers to help distribute them locally, especially in Snohomish, Olympia, Snoqualmie, Bellingham, Vancouver, Tacoma, and Wenatchee.  Please email us if you are interested in helping.


WSECC Organizers

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