About Us

Our Mission

To both oversee and facilitate the continued success of the
Washington State Elementary Championships
as a vehicle for:

Encouraging and motivating Washington scholastic players to strive to become stronger players

Promoting the continued growth of scholastic chess in Washington State

Promoting fairness and sportsmanship among our players and coaches

Honoring our top players

Duties of the WSECC

The Washington Educational Chess Championships organization was founded to oversee its namesake event each year in WA State. The governing body is comprised of six unpaid, elected board members representing the three distinct geographical regions in Washington State. These board members together are known as the Policy Board. The board was formed to recommend the policies to be followed in the conduct of the Washington State Elementary Chess Championship Tournament. The duties of the Policy Board are as follows:

  1. The Policy Board will present changes to the By-Laws at the annual coaches’ meeting to be ratified by the majority of the electors.
  2. The Policy Board recommendations which resolve issues not addressed in the currently- ratified policies shall be binding until the next annual coaches’ meeting. Policy Board recommendations which impact the current year’s tournament may be applied to the current year’s tournament at the discretion of the tournament organizer.
  3. The Policy Board shall maintain a website listing the currently ratified Policy and all new recommendations.