Lunch Options

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Three Rivers Convention Center does not allow any outside food. They will not make any exceptions to this and this includes exceptions for food allergies. The no outside food rule also applies to the Toyota Arena where many of the team tables will be. Please do not try to sneak food in. This gives the chess community a bad reputation and jeopardizes our ability to rent the facility for future tournaments.

There is a longer gap between rounds 2 and 3 to allow time for lunch. You have several options for lunch:

Option 1 – Pre-order lunch (no longer taking orders)

We will be taking orders for box lunches for the convention center. You will not be able to buy these on the day of the event, so you must pre-order if you opt for this option. You will pre-order through the website. This is the only option that can be consumed in the convention center or arena. Orders must be placed by April 10th.

Hoagie Box Lunch – $28.00 – Includes hoagie sandwich with mayonnaise and mustard, chips , cookie and 12 oz. water.  Choose from:

  • Turkey and Provolone
  • Roast Beef and Cheddar
  • Grilled Vegetable

Option 2 – I Love Chess Too Venue

The high school booster organization will be running a concession stand at Kamiakin High School which is the venue for the I Love Chess Too Tournament (also the Middle School Championship). They will be serving lunch items. If your child is playing here, then this is natural place for eating your lunch. As a public facility, you are also free to bring outside food and consume it here as well. Families with children playing at the convention center are welcome to drive to this facility as well. It is about 7-minute drive between venues.

Option 3 – Eat at a Nearby Restaurant

There are many fast-food places within a short distance of the convention center. There are also a number of not so fast-food places close by, but these may not be able to serve you in time to be back by the start of round 3. Many of the fast-food places also have franchises nearby in Richland. Although the drive is longer, the lines may be shorter leading to an overall shorter visit. Remember that some restaurants accept on-line orders.

Option 4 – Eat Outside

Depending on the weather, you can eat your own food or store-bought food on the surrounding grounds of the convention center campus or parking lot. Bring your lounge chairs or blankets and have a picnic outside.